MAGNA Series Large Digit Displays

Serial Input Displays • Meters Counters • Clocks • Timers
Standard Features
  • Choice of 2-1/4", 4", 6" or 8" digit heights
  • Choice of 4 or 6 digits with period or color dividers
  • Choice of normal or outside viewing brightness
  • Choice of signal inputs and functions
  • Choice of panel mount, wall mount or suspension mount
  • Choice of 95-264 Vac or 11-30 Vdc power
  • Sealed to NEMA-4 (IP65)
  • Only 3.0" (75 mm) deep
  • Programmable from front panel
  • Optional two or four 2A relay outputs, analog output, serial I/O
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Viewing distances up to 320 feet (100 m) are achieved with oversize digits. A rule of thumb is that viewing distance in feet is 40 times digit height in inches, or in metric terms, that viewing distance in meters is digit height in millimeters divided by 2.

Four digit heights are available: 57 mm (2-1/4"), 102 mm (4.0"), 150 mm (5.9"), and 200 mm (7.9"). Solid segments are used for normal brightness 2.2" and 4.0" digits. Individual 5 mm LED pixels are used for larger digits and outdoor brightness versions. The number of digits can be 4, 6 or 8, depending on the display function.

Indoor or Outdoor Viewing: MAGNA Series Displays with normal brightness LEDs can be read across an entire plant floor to keep workers informed without leaving their work area. Displays with outdoor brightness LEDs can be read across an industrial yard, parking lot or roadway, for example to display vehicle load. Available mounting options are panel mount, wall mount and suspension mount. Environmental sealing to IP65 (NEMA-4X) is standard.

Choice of Signal Inputs: MAGNA Series Displays are available for different signal types, with can each be associated with 4 or 6 digits. Please click on the links below for detailed information by signal type:

Options include two or four 2A relays, an analog output, an RS232 or RS485 serial data output, and 95-264 Vac or 11-30 Vdc power.

Intuitive Setup is normally provided by means of built-in front panel switches, which can be locked. It is also possible to remotely wire four pushbuttons to the display.


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Serial Data Input
Serial Data Types
Serial Connector
Displayed Information
RS232 or RS485 (specify at time of order)
Detachable plug-in screw terminals
ASCII: Displays any character within 7-segment display limitations.
Quant: Displays only numeric ASCII values.
Qa.Tot: Quantity totalizer. Can be used to accumulate weight values, for example after each batch. Uses a contact closure to trigger addition.
Baud Rate
Data Format
Termination Character
Reject Characters
300 to 115200 baud
701, 7e1, 7n2, 801, 8e1, 8n1, 8n2
Hex 00 to FF
Counted from termination character
00 (wildcard) to F7
Process Signal Input
A/D Converter
Current Signal Types
Voltage Signal Types
Tempco, Scale
Tempco, Offset
20-bit resolution
0-10 mA, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA with 33Ω input resistance.
0-5V, 1-5V, 0-10V with 1 MΩ input resistance.
± 0.05% of range.
± 25 ppm/°C
± 30 ppm/°C
24 Vdc up to 40 mA, or ratiometric 0-10V for slide-wire
Strain Gauge / Load Cell Input
A/D Converter
Signal Gain
Tempco, Scale
Tempco, Offset
Excitation Output
20-bit resolution
Suitable for 0.5 mV / V to 4 mV / V load cells
± 0.05% of range.
± 25 ppm/°C
± 30 ppm/°C
Isolated 10V up to 120 mA to power up to four 350Ω load cells in parallel
Pulse Input for Frequency, Rate, Total
Number of Inputs
Signal Types
Timing Reference
Configurable for contact closures, NPN or PNP proximity switches,
5V logic pulses, 24V pulses, quadrature
Programmable to eliminate false counting from contact bounce.
Temperature-controlled quartz crystal.
Pulse Input for Clock Operation
Time Reference
Clock Format
Precision, temperature-compensated quartz crystal.
Number of Digits
Digit Height
Digit Color
Numeric Format
Clock Format
4 or 6
57 mm (2-1/4"), 102 mm (4.0"), 150 mm (5.9"), or 200 mm (7.9")
Variable or (standard)
HH:MM or HH:MM:SS (optional, specify at time of order)
User Controls
Digital direct or theoretical scaling with scale & offset.
Digital filtering, time constants adjustable from 0 to 25 sec.
Selectable last-digit rounding of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 units.
Up to 10 points, direct or theoretical calibration.
Logic Inputs
Font Panel Controls
Logic Functions
Logic Levels
Calibration, Tare, Reset, Max/Min, Alarms
Three logic inputs, individually configurable for Hold, Reset, Tare, Peak / Valley, Net/Gross, Memory Address.
Normally open, NPN or contact closure input to activate.
5V open circuit, 1 mA switched current.
AC Power (standard)
DC Power (option)
Max Consumption
100-240 Vac
11-30 Vdc
30 VA
Analog Output Option
Output Levels
Output Isolation
Special Features
0-20/4-20 mA into 0 to 500Ω, 0.4 μA resolution.
0-10V into loads > 600Ω, 0.2 mV resolution.
-10 to+10V into loads > 600Ω, 0.4 mV resolution.
16 bits
0.1% of range
50 ppm/°C
Isolated from input and power
Digitally scalable
Can be set to operate from net or gross value.
Alarm Output Option
Relay Type
Special Features
Two or four relays rated 2A, 250VAC, SPDT
Adjustable hysteresis
In-flight compensation facility.
Energize or de-energize on trip.
Adjustable timers to set energize and de-energize delays. Can also be set to pulse for applications needing less than 100% duty cycle.
In-band and out-of-band alarm function.
Manual and automatic in-flight compensation.
Can be set to operate from net or gross value.
Serial Data Output Option
Output Types
Special Features
RS232 or RS485, addressable, on demand or continuous output.
Can include time and date with RTC option fitted.
Can be set to operate from net or gross value.
Storage Temp.
Operating Temp.
-20°C to +70°C
0C to 50°C, non-condensing
IP65 standard, all-round
Wall mount, suspension mount, panel mount
Types Produced to IPC 610 Class 2 Standard
UL ISO9001:2008 QA
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Number of Digits & Case Dimensions

Number of Digits & Case Dimensions
Signal Type4 Digits 6 Digits
Serial Data Input
Process, Strain Gauge, Rate / Frequency,
Totalizer, Quadrature
Clock / Timer
Case width x height4 Digits6 Digits
57 mm (2.2") digits279 x 155 mm
(11.0" x 6.1")
376 x 155 mm
(14.8" x 6.1")
102 mm (4.0") digits 434 x 196 mm
(16.7" x 7.7")
616 x 196 mm
(24.3" x 7.7")
150 mm (5.9") digits 514 x 247 mm
(20.2" x 9.8")
744 x 248 mm
(29.3" x 9.8")
200 mm (7.9") digits 664 x 298 mm
(26.1" x 11.7")
984 x 298 mm
(38.7" x 11.7")
Case depth75 mm (3.0")
Models with 57 mm (2.2") digits, 4 digits and 4 relays require the larger 6-digit case.
For panel mount versions, add 18 mm (0.7") to case width and height for bezel and 25 mm (1.0") for cable gland in back of case.
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MAGNA Series Large Digit Displays
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Configured model number M2000002SER24
Configured price per model $685
Quantity 1
Extended price $685


M2  2-¼" (57 mm) digit height
M4  4" (102 mm) digit height
M6  6" (150 mm) digit height
M8  8" (200 mm) digit height
0  Normal Indoor brightness
1  Daylight viewing brightness
0  95-265 Vac
1  11-30 Vdc
0  None
1  Two 2A @ 250Vac relays (6 digits)
2  Four 2A @ 250Vac relays (6 digits)
3  Two 2A @ 250Vac relays (4 digits, requires 6-digits case)
4 Four 2A @ 250Vac relays (4 digits, requires 6-digits case)  
0  None
1  4-20 mA
2 0-10V
3  -10 to +10V
Serial Data Output
0  None
1  RS232
2  RS485
1  Black case, panel mount
2 Black case, wall mount
3 Black case, suspension mount
R232 Serial ASCII Input
SER24  RS232, 4 digits
SER26  RS232, 6 digits
SER44  RS485, 4 digits
SER46  RS485, 6 digits
Clock/Timer Input
CLK4  4 digits, HH:MM
CLK6  6 digits, HH:MM:SS
Process Signal Input(4-20 mA, 0-5V, etc.)
 P4  4 digits, 4-20 mA
 P6  6 digits, 4-20 mA
Strain Gauge Input
WM4  4 digits, 0.5 mV/V to 4 mV/V
WM6  6 digits, 0.5 mV/V to 4mV/V
Frequency, Rate, Total, Quadrature Input
FR4  4 digits display
FR6  6 digits display
 Temperature Input
RTD4  RTD (Pt100), 4 digits
TC4  Thermocouple (J,K,T,E,N,R,S), 4 digits

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