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L10101R1 Laurel Ohm Meter for Resistance Measurement

Digital ohmmeter configured for 0-20.000 ohms resistance measurement

Model L10101R1 includes:

  • DPM with green LEDs
  • Universal 85-264 Vac power
  • Two 8A Form C contact relays
  • No analog output
  • RS232 communications

Model L10101R1 ohmmeter / controller by Laurel Electronics is factory configured for 0-20.000 ohms resistance measurement, Two 8A Form C contact relays, No analog output, RS232 communications, Universal 85-264 Vac power.

The Laureate Ohmmeter is ideal for high-speed, high-accuracy resistance measurements in a production environment, such as contact resistance measurements. It is factory calibrated for five jumper selectable resistance ranges from 20 ohms to 200 kohms. Accuracy is an exceptional +/-0.01% of full scale +/-2 counts. In the 20-ohm range, resolution is 1 milliohm, making the meter suitable for contact resistance and conductance measurements.

Meter connections can be via 2, 3 or 4 wires. With 4-wire hookup, 2 wires are used for excitation and two separate wires are used to sense the voltage across the resistance to be measured, thereby eliminating any lead resistance effects.

All resistance ranges are digitally calibrated at the factory, with calibration factors stored in EEPROM on the signal conditioner board. This allows ranges and signal conditioner boards to be changed in the field without recalibrating the ohmmeter.

Visit Laureate Ohmmeter for Resistance in Ohms for detailed meter information, specifications, dimensions and pricing.

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