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1/8 DIN Wall-Mount Enclosure

Allows one 1/8 DIN meter to be bulkhead mounted. Environmentally sealed to IP65 / NEMA-4X/ NEMA-4 enclosure and NEMA 8 enclosure.

Key Features

  • Sealed on all sides to IP65 / NEMA-4X
  • Includes 1/8 DIN cutout
  • Includes three 0.24" (6.1 mm) cable glands
  • For 1/8 DIN instruments up to 5.30" (134 mm) deep
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Easy to mount
  • Sold as BOX2 with Model IPC IP67 / NEMA-4X splash-proof cover
    to protect 1/8 DIN meters from front.

Models BOX1 is a wall-mount / bulkhead enclosure which provides environmental protection to IP65 / NEMA-4X for an 1/8 DIN instrument. It comes with a 1/8 DIN (45 x 92 mm) panel and accommodated instruments up to 134.5 mm (5.30") deep including connectors. This includes all 1/8 DIN instruments by Laurel Electronics and most 1/8 DIN instruments by other manufacturers.

The instrument compartment is sealed on all sides. The two clamshell halves of the case are joined by an O-ring. The rear mounting holes are outside of the sealed compartment. Captive stainless steel screws and high-impact polycarbonate provide durability.

Compressible cable glands for BOX1 NEMA4 enclosure by Laurel ElectronicsThe panel cutout can be expanded by the user up to 150 x 71 mm (5.90" x 2.80") or 131 mm x 110 mm (5.16" x 4.33") to accommodate instruments larger than 1/8 DIN. Internal molded standoffs with a height of 6.5 mm (0.25") can be snipped off by the user if required.

Cable feedthroughs are via three sealed cable glands at the bottom of the case. These make a tight seal with round cables from 6.1 to 1.00 mm (0.04" to 0.24") in diameter. Note that these feedthroughs are not compatible with off the shelf cables with molded connectors, such as USB cables.

Environmental Protection to IP65 / NEMA-4X

Laurel Electronics BOX1 NEMA4 wall-mount enclosure for a 1/8 DIN panel meter
  • If the front panel of the instrument already provides environmental protection to IP65 / NEMA-4X from the front, such as the Laureate Series, then the entire instrument will be protected IP65 / NEMA-4X once it is installed in Model BOX1.
  • If the front panel of the instruments does not provide environmental protection, but the instrument fits in a 1/8 DIN panel cutout (45 x 92 mm), Model BOX1 may be ordered with the IPC Splashproof Cover as Model BOX2, illustrated to the right. The combination of Models BOX and IPC will provide IP65 / NEMA-4X protection to 1/8 DIN instruments regardless of manufacturer, provided that the instrument depth is less than 134.5 mm (5.30").
Width, external 158 mm (6.22")
Height, external 120 mm (4.72") + 20 mm (0.79") for glands
Depth, external 160 mm (6.30")
Instrument cutout 45 x 92 mm (1.77" x 3.62") for 1/8 DIN instrument
Maximum depth 134.5 mm (5.30") for 1/8 DIN instrument
Mounting holes 4 ea. spaced 147.5 mm (5.80") horizontal, 88 mm (3.46") vertical,
4.0 mm (3/16") diameter.
Enclosure Polycarbonate
Screws Stainless steel
Cable Glands
Number of glands 3
Cable diameter 1.0 to 6.1 mm (0.04" to 0.24")
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BOX1 NEMA-4X wall-mount enclosure with one 1/8 DIN cutout. $169
BOX2 BOX1 wall-mount enclosure plus IPC splash-proof cover. $218
Configured model number BOX1
Configured price per model $169
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Extended price $169
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