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MAGNA Temperature Input Large Digit Displays

Available for Pt100 RTD or Thermocouple Input

MAGNA Series Large Digit Clocks & Timers


  • Choice of 2-1/4", 4", 6" or 8" digit heights, 4 digits.
  • Choice of normal or outside viewing brightness
  • Choice of panel mount, wall mount or suspension mount.
  • Choice of 95-264 Vac or 11-30 Vdc power.
  • Optional front panel programmable analog output, dual 5A relays, and serial data output.
  • Standard PC programmable analog output and dual 120 mA AC/DC solid state relays.
  • Sealed to NEMA-4 (IP65).
  • Only 3.0" (75 mm) deep.

MAGNA Large Digit Temperature Displays can be ordered for four RTD types (DIN Pt100, ANSI Pt100, nickel or copper), or for seven thermocouple types (J, K, T, E, N, R, S). Four red LED digits show temperatures in °C or °F and 1° or 0.1° resolution.

Viewing distances up to 320 ft (100 m) are achieved with large digits for reading across a plant floor or an outdoor yard. Four digit heights are available: 57 mm (2-1/4"), 102 mm (4.0"), 150 mm (5.9"), and 200 mm (7.9"). A rule of thumb is that viewing distance in feet is 40 times digit height in inches, or in metric terms, that viewing distance in meters is digit height in millimeters divided by 2. Segmented digits are used for normal brightness 2-1/4” and 4.0" digits. Individual 5 mm LED pixels are used for larger digits and for outdoor brightness versions.

The display consists of a MAGNA RS485 serial input display and a Laureate temperature transmitter with a streaming RS485 output. The transmitter

can be mounted inside or outside of the display housing, as ordered. Remote transmitter mounting allows long RS485 cable runs while keeping the RTD or thermocouple leads short.

Environmental sealing to IP65 (NEMA-4X) is standard. Electrical connections are via water-tight compression glands. A built-in heater is optional for outdoor operation down to -25°C. Mounting options are panel mount, wall mount or suspension mount.

Optional outputs are an isolated analog output, dual 5A relays for alarm or control, and an RS232 or RS485 serial data output. These options are implemented by add-on boards and are programmable from the display’s front panel keypad.

Standard outputs that come with the Laureate transmitter are an isolated analog output and dual 120 mA solid state AC/DC relays. Their setup requires connection to a PC via the transmitter’s RS485 port, and it uses Laurel’s free Instrument Setup Software.

Laurel QLS Quad Output Current Loop Splitter / Retransmitter

A Laureate RTD or thermocouple transmitter can be mounted inside or outside of the display housing.

Readout 4 red LED digits
Digit Height 57 mm (2-1/4"), 102 mm (4.0"), 150 mm (5.9"), or 200 mm (7.9")
Brightness Indoor or outdoor brightness as ordered.
  Five keypad adjustable brightness levels.
AC Power (standard ) 100-240 Vac
DC Power (option) 11-30 Vdc
Max Consumption 30 VA
RTD Input
Calibration, Pt 100 DIN Per IEC 751 (ITS-90)
Calibration, Pt 100 ANSI NIST Monograph 126
Calibration, Ni 120 DIN 43760
Max error at 25°C, Pt100 ±0.04°C (±0.07°F) ±0.01% of reading
Span tempco ±0.003% of reading/°C
Zero tempco ±0.03 deg/deg
Provision for user calibration Multiplier of RTD resistance plus offset in degrees
Connection 2, 3 or 4-wire
Overvoltage protection 125 Vac
Open sensor indication 0 mA or > 20mA output, user selectable
Sensor lead resistance 2-wire, 10 mdeg/Ω/deg up to 10Ω
Tempco per conductor 3 & 4-wire, 10 mdeg/Ω/deg up to 100Ω
Alpha R at
R at top
of range
Range Conformity
Platinum 0.003850
100Ω 390.48Ω
at 850°C
196 µA -202°C to +850°C
-331°F to +1562°F
Platinum 0.003902
100Ω 394.36Ω
at 850°C
196 µA -202°C to +631°C
-331°F to +1168°F
Nickel 0.00672 120Ω 380.31Ω
at 260°C
196 µA -80°C to +260°C
-112°F to +500°F
Copper 0.00427 9.035Ω 19.116Ω
at 260°C
5.0 mA -100°C to +260°C
-148°F to +500°F
Thermocoulpe Input
Calibration NIST Monograph 125 (IPTS-68)
Overall error at 25°C ±0.01% of full span ± conformity error
Span tempco ±0.003% of reading/°C
Reference junct. accuracy 0.5°C, 10°C to 40°C
Input resistance 1 GΩ
Input current 100 pA
Max lead resistance 1 kΩ max for rated accuracy
Overvoltage protection 125 Vac
NMR at 50/60 Hz 80 dB plus selectable digital filter
CMR, DC-60 Hz 120 dB with 500 ohm imbalance
CMV, DC-60 Hz 250 Vac from power and earth grounds
TC Type Range Conformity Error
J -210°C to +760°C (-347°F to +1400°F) ±0.09°C (±0.16°F)
K -244°C to +1372°C (-408°F to +2501°F) ±0.1°C (±0.17°F)
T 0°C to +400°C (32°F to 752°F)
-257°C to 0°C (-430°F to +32°F)
±0.03°C (±0.05°F)
±0.2°C (±0.36°F)
E -240°C to +1000°C (-400°F to +1830°F) ±0.18°C (±0.32°F)
N -245°C to +1300°C (-410°F to +2370°F) ±0.10°C (±0.17°F)
R -45°C to +1768°C (-49°F to +3214°F) ±0.17°C (±0.31°F)
S -46°C to +1768°C (-51°F to +3214°F) ±0.12°C (±0.22°F)
Analog Output (with option board)
Output Levels 0-20 / 4-20 mA into 0 to 500Ω, 0.4 µA resolution.
  0-10V into loads > 600Ω, 0.2 mV resolution.
  -10 to +10V into loads > 600Ω, 0.4 mV resolution.
Resolution 16 bits
Accuracy 0.1% of range
Stability 50 ppm/°C
Output Isolation Isolated from input and power
Scaling From front panel keypad
Special Features Forward or reverse action possible.
Relay Outputs (with option board)
Relay Type Two or four relays rated 2A, 250VAC, SPDT
Setup From front panel keypad
Special Features Adjustable hysteresis
  Manual or automatic in-flight compensation.
  Energize or de-energize on trip.
  Adjustable timers to set energize and de-energize delays.
  In-band and out-of-band alarm function.
Serial Data Output (with option board)
Output Types RS232 or RS485, addressable, on demand or continuous output.
Special Features Can include time and date with RTC option fitted.
Analog Output (with option board)
Output levels 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA, 0-10 Vdc, -10 to +10Vdc (user selectable)
Output Isolation 16 bits (65,536 steps)
Output Error ±0.02% of output span ± overall input error
Compliance at 20 mA 10V ( 0-500Ωload )
Compliance at 10V 2 mA ( 5 kΩ load or higher)
Output Isolation 250V rms working, 2.3 kV rms per 1 minute test
Step Response Time 100 ms
Relay Outputs (standard from transmitter)
Relay Type Two solid state relays, SPST, normally open, Form A
Load Rating 120 mA at 140 Vac or 180 Vdc
Special Features Actuate above or below setpoint, latching or non-latching, disabled
  Span hysteresis, split hysteresis, deviation band around setpoint
  Programmable output time delay, 1 to 128 readings
Storage Temperature -20°C to +55°C
Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C, non-condensing.
  -25°C to 50°C, non-condensing, with MHTR AC heater option.
Sealing NEMA-4 (IP65) standard, all-round
Electrical Connections Via
Mounting Wall mount, suspension mount, or panel mount

Number of Digits & Case Dimensions

Display Format
Digit height Case width x height
57 mm (2.2") digits 376 x 155 mm (14.8" x 6.1")
102 mm (4.0") digits 434 x 196 mm (16.7" x 7.7")
150 mm (5.9") digits 514 x 247 mm (20.2" x 9.8")
200 mm (7.9") digits 664 x 298 mm (26.1" x 11.7")
Case depth 75 mm (3.0")
Note:   Models with 57 mm (2.2") digits come with the larger 6-digit case.
For panel mount versions, add 18 mm (0.7") to case width and height for the bezel and
25 mm (1.0") for cable glands in back of the case.
Ordering Guide
MAGNA Temperature Input Large Digit Displays
Click on the radio buttons to build a model number with pricing (shown below the Ordering Guide). Prices are in US dollars and do not include shipping or duty charges (export sales). Please see our explanations and limitations applicable to pricing and online orders. Prices shown are in US Dollars and are Laurel's manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) in the USA. Orders are processed manually, not directly by our shopping cart system. You don't have to supply credit card information when placing an online order.

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Questions about your order? Please email your distributor or
MAGNA units are built to order. Magna orders are non-cancelable, non-returnable.
Configured model number M24UM-P385C-MT2
Configured price per model $980
Quantity 1
Extended price $980
   SKU  Descriptions Price
Base meter
M24UM 2" (57 mm) digit height, 4 digits. Display to $540
M44 4 inches (102 mm), 4 digits. Display to $780
M64 6 inches (150 mm), 4 digits. Display to $1390
M84 8 inches (200 mm), 4 digits. Display to $1700
Signal Input (One required, select one.)
P385C Pt100 DIN RTD, -202°C to 850°C $340
P385F Pt100 DIN RTD, -331°F to 1562°F $340
P392C Pt100 ANSI RTD, -202°C to 631°C $340
P392F Pt100 ANSI RTD, -331°F to 1168°F $340
N672C Ni120 RTD, -100°C to +260°C $340
N672F Ni120 RTD, -148°F to +500°F $340
C427C Cu10 RTD, -100°C to +260°C $340
C427F Cu10 RTD, -148°F to +500°F $340
Note: The same RTD signal conditioner board can be user configured for all RTD types listed and °C or °F, as well as for resistance ranges 0 to 20, 200, 2K, 20K, 200K ohms. Indicate if signal conditioner is to be inside or remote.
JC Thermocouple Type J, -210°C to 760°C $340
JF Thermocouple Type J, -347°F to 1400°F $340
KC Thermocouple Type K, -347°C to 1372°C $340
KF Thermocouple Type K, -408°F to 2501°F $340
TC Thermocouple Type T, -257°C to 400°C $340
TF Thermocouple Type T, -430°F to 752°F $340
EC Thermocouple Type E, -240°C to 1000°C $340
EF Thermocouple Type E, -400°F to 1830°F $340
NC Thermocouple Type N, -240°C to 1000°C $340
NF Thermocouple Type N, -410°F to 2370°F $340
SC Thermocouple Type S, -46°C to 1768°C $340
SF Thermocouple Type S, -51°F to 3214°F $340
RC Thermocouple Type R, -45°C to 1768°C $340
RF Thermocouple Type R, -49°F to 3213°F $340
Note:The same signal conditioner board can be user configured for all thermocouple types listed and °C or °F.
Analog output board (one optional)
None $0
MAO1 4-20 mA $80
MAO2 0-10V $80
MAO3 -10V to +10V $140
Relay output board (one optional)
None $0
MRL1 Two 5A, 250 Vac relays $70
MRL2 Four 5A, 250 Vac relays $90
Serial Data Output (one optional)
None $0
MO232 RS232 $80
MO485 RS485 with Modbus ASCII $110
Case and mounting (one required)
MT1 Panel mount, black NEMA-4 case $190
MT2 Wall mount, black NEMA-4 case $100
MT3 Suspension mount, black NEMA-4 case $100
Meter modifiying options (not shippable separately from meter)
MRDLV Daylight viewing brightness for operation down to 0°C (32°F) instead of normal indoor brightness $150
MHTR AC heater for outdoor operation down to -25°C (-13°F) $360
MPS2 11-30 Vdc power instead of normal 85-265 Vac power $100
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