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L10104RMV3 True RMS Voltmeter by Laurel Electronics

Digital panel meter factory scaled for 0 to 20.000 V True AC RMS

Model L10104RMV3 includes:

  • DPM with green LEDs
  • Universal 85-264 Vac power
  • Two 8A Form C contact relays
  • No analog output
  • Modbus RS485 (ASCII, RTU) communications

Model L10104RMV3 by Laurel Electronics is a 60,000-count digital panel meter with exceptional performance at half the price of a bench top meter. It can measure true RMS current or voltage of AC signals where there is considerable distortion of the waveform, such as rectifier outputs or waveforms chopped by an SCR, TRIAC or transistor circuit. Model L10104RMV3 is configured for Universal 85-264 Vac power, Two 8A Form C contact relays, No analog output, and Modbus RS485 (ASCII, RTU) communications.

True RMS readings in 0-16 ms after completion of one input signal cycle allow anomalies to be detected and alarmed before they become expensive problems. Fast on/off control and alarm can be achieved with optional dual or quad relays, either contact or solid state. The meter can also capture peak and valley readings for each 50/60 Hz line cycle.

Accuracy is 0.1% of full scale for signals from DC to 10 kHz and signal amplitudes down to 0.1% of full scale. The crest factor (Vp / Vrms) is 3.0 at full-scale Vrms of 20,000 counts and a Vp of 60,000 counts. AC or DC coupling is jumper selectable on the signal conditioner board. AC coupling accommodates signals from 10 Hz to 10 kHz and is suitable for applications such as measuring AC ripple on a DC power supply.

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