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Remote & Large Digit Displays

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Remote and Large Digit Displays, as defined in this web page, are numeric displays that are driven by a serial signal from a computer, programmable controller, or other instrument. Digit heights can range from 0.56" (14.2 mm) to 7.8" (200 mm). Laureate remote displays, with a digit height of 0.56", are similar to a digital panel meter or counter in appearance. Up to 31 Laureate remote displays can be digitally addressed on the same line, and an isolated analog output or relay outputs can be tied to the reading of the remote. 

Multiple remote digital displays addressed on a single serial data line
Laureate 6-digit Remote Display

Laureate 6-digit Remote Displays

Similar to a digital panel meter or counter in appearance, but driven by the RS232 or RS485 output from a computer, PLC, or instrument. Up to 31 remotes can be digitally addressed on the same serial data line. The displays can be in the same control panel as the data source, or be distributed across the plant floor.Optional isolated analog output and relays tied to the reading can provide alarm or control. Six 0.56" (14.2 mm) high digits, 1/8 DIN case.
Magna Series Large Digit Digital Panel Meters and Remote Displays

MAGNA Series Large Digit Remote Displays

4-, 6- and 8-digit models with driven by an RS232 or RS485 signal from a computer, PLC or instrument. Large-digit displays with a digit height of 2.2" (57 mm), 4.0" (102 mm), 8" (150 mm), or 8" (200 mm) for long viewing distances. Optional dual 5A relays, analog output, and serial data output. Choice of display brightness and cases for indoor or outdoor mounting.
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